November’s Fighter……….RUDY!!!!

Happy November friends and Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month!! I hope everyone is talking about epilepsy everyday to one new person, awareness is KEY!! I also want to take a moment and say that I hope everyone that was in Hurricane Sandy’s path is safe. We were without power for sometime but in the grand scheme of things we were blessed!

I am so very excited to introduce you to another inspiring young man. I met his father Keon online when he contacted me to do some fundraising for us. When I found out that his little boy had epilepsy I immediately asked to have him as a fighter and dad was honored to share his story. I really just love these kids and the courage they all show. I hope you are inspired by these stories and it makes you want to help spread awareness. Rudy and ALL the other kids deserve a cure, right?!


Meet Rudy!

What can I say about my FIGHTER? I guess I will start with the facts. On my side of the family, epilepsy runs rampant. My mother, myself, various family members, and now added to the list is my youngest son Rudy.

Rudolph Jaheim Mason bka Rudy was born in Jacksonville, Fl on June 5th, 2008. Rudy was born as healthy as any parent could ask for, so we thought.

In March 2011, Rudy had his first epileptic episode. He was with his mother at the time sleeping in bed. His mother did not know what was going on with Rudy. He had stopped breathing and at this time his mother was on the line with 911. There was an issue with 911/Ambulatory services so Rudy’s mother had to transport him to the emergency room. I think we were so blessed that it was early Sunday morning with no traffic. Once arrived they were able to resuscitate Rudy but then transferred him to a children’s hospital.

After several tests he was diagnosed with epilepsy. This would start him on continuous battle with this disease. He is currently taking Keppra and his dosage has been increased to the max for his size and age. As most fighters and family /friends of those fighters know seizures can strike at any time. Rudy has had episodes at school and currently we are having issues at the school wanting us to pick him up even when he is “stressed out”.


Rudy is a strong, proud 4 year old and just wants to do the same things children his age are doing.

He recently had an MRI determining that he has sinus disease which is triggering his seizures. With his mother and physicians there is currently a plan in place to treat this.

This little guy is everything a parent could ask for. He has his bad days, bit the good days make up for the doctor visits, poking and prodding, and all the testing. Rudy is a warrior, fighter, my son, my inspiration.


Rudy rocking the purple for epilepsy awareness!

I hope you enjoyed meeting this little man! As you can see Rudy is not the only one fighting epilepsy in his family, he has a few warriors battling with him! Please share Rudy’s story as well as the rest of the fighters on this blog and help us spread awareness!! JOIN THE FIGHT TO END EPILEPSY!