Meet our Fighter for September………

Hello friends and thank you once again for joining us this month! I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and that the kids are enjoying school. Time sure is flying by for everyone! Kyle is entering 7th grade and Liam 4th, my babies are growing up. Soon November will be upon us and that means Epilepsy Awareness Month! What will you be doing to spread awareness?

This month we are going to share another reason as to why someone may be suffering from epilepsy. This is a disorder that also needs more awareness and we are honored to share this young mans story!

Our KARE Kid for August is…

Before I introduce you to our very special KARE Kid I would just like to say welcome back to our blog! I know we have not posted in a very long time be we will be back to monthly spotlights. We would also like to spotlight the caregivers of those with epilepsy. So if you would be interested in sharing your thoughts on caring for your loved one please email Now let’s get you introduced to our KARE Kid of the month……….


November’s Fighter……….RUDY!!!!

Happy November friends and Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month!! I hope everyone is talking about epilepsy everyday to one new person, awareness is KEY!! I also want to take a moment and say that I hope everyone that was in Hurricane Sandy’s path is safe. We were without power for sometime but in the grand scheme of things we were blessed!

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